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   Tuesday, May 04, 2004  
tony: happy birthday karisa!!

karisa: thank you, tony!
karisa: i loved your story on your website :-)
karisa: thank you!

tony: you did?!
tony: good
tony: i was hoping you wouldnt hate it

karisa: haha- not at all!
karisa: that pic is wicked funny.

tony: when i think of you, thats normally the spirit that i think of

karisa: haha- good!
karisa: that makes me happy.

tony: can i interview you quickly for the blog?

karisa: what are you going to ask?

tony: simple things

karisa: ok- it is going to be a slow day- so you can interview me if you would like.

tony: yay!
tony: now that youre 80 years old
tony: what was your favorite memory of being 79?

karisa: hmmmm....
karisa: well, there were a few things!
karisa: falling in love with my hot boyfriend....
karisa: getting the drunkest ever in mass and taking a limo to boston to see the red sox- and later dancing on tables and running through fountains and body shots....
karisa: seeing my bro get married...

tony: very nice
tony: how many times (approximately) have you been in vegas over the last 122 months?

karisa: at least 30 (that i can remember)...
karisa: maybe 35....
karisa: but some trips could count as two ;-)

tony: cuz you partied that hard?

karisa: haha- yeah. or just got to do so many amazing things during one trip.

tony: is hard rock still your favorite place to party there?

karisa: i like the hard rock- and it has a cool vibe- but i think the most important thing is who you are partying with and what you make of it when you are there.

tony: is ghost bar still the coolest bar there?

karisa: haha- no- it is only cool if your company rents it out and it is free and 'no-hassle' to get in. 'rain' is very cool- but you have to work major magic for entry!
karisa: any club that you can work your way into (jumping the long lines) is cool ;-)

tony: what was the best book you read this year?

karisa: middlesex was very cool b/c it was so well written... 'wicked' was fun until the end.... when i think the author got bored and just stopped lending to the story.... i really liked voltaire too.... i really liked so many books this year that i read... it is hard to say in one sentence!

tony: did last year convince you that the red sox are truly cursed?

karisa: no. that was strictly bad coaching on grady little's part. we SHOULD have won that game. i think it was fixed ;-) since my bro has 1918 tatooed on his arm now- i think this will be the year ;-)

tony: should grady have been fired?

karisa: yes.
karisa: definitely.

tony: your close friends know about your aversion to blood... will you ever see the Passion of the Christ?
tony: will you rent it?

karisa: i get queasy watching south park the other night. and that is a cartoon.

tony: damn, i didnt know it was that bad
tony: did they have fake blood?

karisa: haha- i hope it wasn't real! ;-)

tony: but it was a bloody scene?

karisa: just they typical kenny slaughter.

tony: ahahaha
tony: what are your top two goals for this year?
tony: other than see me nude
tony: again

karisa: hahah! well, aside from that.... ;-) that is a lot to think about....

tony: maybe youre life is perfect all of a sudden?

karisa: some lady stopped me on hollywood blvd on friday and was doing a survey.... and she asked me my biggest fear in life....
karisa: which i told her was too loaded of a question for my friday afternoon!
karisa: i don't know if i have any goals. i want things.... i guess.
karisa: i want to see my family in vegas in a couple of weeks....
karisa: i want to go to new york this summer.....
karisa: i want to run everyday and wear a bikini at the beach (and look good in it)...
karisa: i want to take some classes...
karisa: i want to write to my friends more...
karisa: i want to be able to save even $5.....
karisa: are those goals, btw?

tony: yes
tony: good ones too

karisa: i don't even know how to define them anymore!

tony: i suddenly have a new goal of seeing you look "good" in a bikini this summer now too

karisa: haha- whatever! ;-)

tony: other than the busblog, what other websites/blogs do you frequent daily?

karisa: websites???

tony: yes
tony: thats the last question

karisa: i have a lot of 'free time' at work so i could literally name about 500.....
karisa: but here are the top ones....
karisa: (i know, i know)

tony: i hate you
tony: :-)

karisa: (on tuesdays)

tony: one final last quesiton

tony: judging from the new beastie boys single
tony: how do you think the new record will be?

karisa: i love the beasties- and i don't want to talk smack at all... i think that if they bring it back to the old school that it will be awesome ;-)

tony: thank you for your time karisa. happy 81th birthday?

karisa: my pleasure, tony baloney ;-)

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