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   Wednesday, April 28, 2004  
my buddy mc brown found his way to the xbi hq today and we had a nice little lunch at a fancy french place and one hot looking woman after another paraded by. we were lunching on the patio. and the founder of buzznet said shit i need to get out more often.

and i said, bro, it's the only reason i still work at this dump.

i like marc brown cuz you can always talk music with him and he's always got something new he's into and both agreed at how amazing the william hung cd is, but i was shocked that he didnt know about the secret pixies show in pomona on friday and i was all dude youre slipping you used to be totally the go-to man for such things and he stirred his ice tea and said totally.

i dont know what it is but i could eat french food all day long.

maybe it had something to do with the view.

you have no idea how many emails i've gotten about president kerry's medals and ribbons and him throwing them "away" etc. and you know what, im not interested in debating politics today. checking out girls in miniskirts with marc brown today and being fascinated by a well curved calves today made me put things in perspective.

the perspective that i got was one guy went to 'nam, twice, killed a bunch of people and got hurt doing it.

another guy hasnt even proved after all this time that he even showed up for his peice of cake duty in the blah blah blah so far as i can tell this is a non issue

other than the fact that my boy seems to be lying about the medals and what he did with them.

but seriously, and this has nothing to do with politics, but debate, but does bush really want to get into a pissing contest about who's the bigger liar?

i dont think so.

i think he just wants to lunch at chez l.a. and check out the latest in the spring fashions like the next guy instead of comparing and contrasting who lied about what and which means more.

whats the worst thing a president could lie to the country about? reasons to go to war, taxes, gas prices, blowjobs... medals?

all i know is a very short skirt takes away from a nice pair of shoes

but nothing can beat an ankle bracelette while eating mousse as the breeze blows past the tarpits.

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