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   Monday, September 13, 2004  
biggest issue i have with the current administration is that they seem to want us to live the lives of the pussy ass bitches

instead of setting the tone as the courageous american leaders that we are.

the typical cycle of mundane human existence is generally (1) fight for what you want, (2) get it, (3) and then hold on to it as tightly and fearfully as you can.

rodents follow the same patterns.

enlightened human beings who chose to actually live their lives can shed their natural inclinations and say to themselves,

"oh look how far i made it actually working for what i have... i dont need to live in a place of fear that some lesser creature can steal what i have and leave me with zero forever."

courageous people know that they can just yank back what was rightfully theirs.

today i invite you to yank back your courage, america.

dont you remember the hours after 9/11? so many people were all, "point me towards those asswipes, i'll take em on bare handed."

america isnt used to being the cowering victims in dire need of homeland security. we're the ones who invented the signs that say "Forget the Dog, Beware the Owner."

we're the one's who nail up the placard that say, "This House Protected by Smith & Wesson".

we're the ones with the flag of the rattlesnake that warns Don't Tread on Me.

and most of us here live with that feeling in our hearts.

so no, im not afraid of any phony baloney terrorists so backwards that they blow themselves up as they try to take out busses.

im not afraid of some sand hitler who gasses his own people with the dow chemicals that we sold him.

im not afraid of the nukes in china or north korea or anywhere, especially in iraq since there arent any there anyway.

i am born and raised american the only fear i have is that there wont be enough ass for me to kick in Heaven when i get there.

so yes mr bush i reject the horror stories that you continue to read us as we lay our heads to sleep. shove your terror alert warnings back in your texas spiderholes.

if you cannot run for office based on policies of possibilities and probabilities then you have no business running for office in this country because this aint the home of the scared.

its the home of the busblog.

where freedom will ring with or without dingalings like you.

what wasnt killed three years ago has only made us stronger.

it's time to come from a position of strength pussy ass bitch.

like we're used to.

like the way things are.

now watch me hit this drive.

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