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   Tuesday, September 21, 2004  
last night i went on a job interview for a company interested in having me as a blogger. it was pretty interesting. they were asking me if i thought i could do more than three posts a day.

i was all, dude, what you see on the busblog is what i do during the two government mandated 15 minute breaks that i take during my incredibly hectic workdays.

he was all, how hectic could it be?

and i said, sir, i love to write. LOVE. i think about it all the time. i see pictures and i want to steal them for my blog. i see stories and i want to figure out how to write about them in fresh new ways. if i take pictures i want to make photo essays. but then work happens and some days i can only do two posts.

that means that either i had a lunch date, or i wasnt able to take one of the 15 minute breaks and i had to write during lunch.

i dont even have time to edit what i write. or even read it for that matter.

he was all, so would you consider yourself obsessed?

i was like, probably.

he said, is it like alcoholism?


he was getting weird on me.

i went on it again saying, im passionate about writing. i love to write. writing is something that gets me going, it gets my brain going, as i write i discover things that are really there. i have never been an alcoholic but i imagine that when people really get drinking they discover things that are Not really there.

my cravings to write, i said, are constructive. they're healthy. abusing your body is a much different thing.

he said, if you could write all day for this company, would you be able to edit yourself from swearing?

of course.

would you be able to use the [shift] key?

i wanted to say duh, but i just said, yes sir.

we run a clean site here, he said, could you refrain from using pictures of the scantilly clad women that you use on your blog?

i said, sir, the busblog is my personal web page. it's an extension of my personal beliefs and hobbies and loves and lusts. very little of what i do or talk about in my personal life do i expect to be able to talk about on a corporate web blog like yours. i doubt i will ever have the opportunity to write about the cubs or my friend's band tsar or dating anna kournikova or calling the president a retard.

he said, you called the president a retard on your blog?

and he turned around a picture on his desk of the retard with his family at the white house and the rest of the interview was him trying to ask me questions about dan rather and me trying to will my cell phone to ring.

looks like i will be at the xbi for a little while longer.

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