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   Wednesday, October 13, 2004  
a lot of democrats are getting their undies in a bunch over the plans of Sinclair Broadcasting trying to force 62 of its stations to air an anti-kerry film called "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" two weeks before the presidential elections

as if it's going to have even a teensy effect on the outcome of the voting.

the dems need to chill.

firstly, nobody is going to do more damage this year with a film than what michael moore did to the president with fahrenheit 9/11. nobody.

michael moore is a genius. i know because the dems have told me this repeatedly. and they will give him a second oscar to prove it.

but seriously, michael moore has been practicing his whole life to make f 9/11 and he was ready at the right place at the right time to do it. anything like it in its wake will seem like a cheap ripoff.

especially if what is in its wake are cheap ripoffs

minus the seven minutes of bush reading my pet goat.

minus the u.s. secret service asking questions to the film maker as to why he's filming the saudi embassy.

minus gw asking us to watch him hit the golf ball.

if sinclair wants to roll their film every night from tonight till the election let them.

these are swift boaters saying "this triple purple heart hero with a silver and a bronze star doesn't deserve his medals". do you know how lame that sounds? how bitter. how pathetic?

let them show their true colors.

give em enough rope to sing their sickly carrion song as they sink into the creepy wicked witch puddle of melted mud.

by protesting this film, you are being hypocritical and bitchy. glenn's right, this is a first amendment thing. dont be a wuss.

sure it's also an abuse of the "public" airwaves. what isn't? the fact that we still pretend that they are public airwaves is a joke in itself, so if you want to actually fix something, fix that bullshit.

but bros, Bush has done himself in more than any film could do kerry in. he's given enough reasons alone to anyone, dem or republican, to vote against him

if the dems can be derailed by a dumbass swiftboat talkie

despite bush's reasons for sending us into war
despite bush's failure to actually win the war
despite bush's failure to find obl
despite bush's failures with the economy
despite bush's inability to unify this country
despite bush's inability to admit any mistakes
despite bush's position on stem cell research
despite bush's military record cover up
despite five gop senators recently coming out against him
despite bush's ties to the saudi royal family
despite bush's lack of a popular vote last time
despite kerry's fine debating skillz and lack of bushie's

then the dems don't deserve to win


this should be the easiest race the dems could ever dream of.

let them have their sinclair broadcasting tee vee swift boat infomercial.

you're winning, stupids.

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