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   Sunday, November 07, 2004  
dear karl rove,

i saw you on meet the press this morning saying how the nation has moved in the republican direction and you know youre full of shit but youre so easy on the eyes that i'll let it slide. this time.

you know as well as anyone that if the dems could have gotten 100,000 ohio democrats who had registered to actually vote you wouldnt have been on meet the press this morning, youd been helping the bushes pack their shit.

this nation hasnt moved anywhere. bush won all the same states that he won four years ago as if nothing significant had happened since 1999.

however the nation has surely moved towards a direction of greater intolerence. if you want to claim that as a republican direction be my guest.

intolerant of people choosing who they wish to marry, intolerant of a woman choosing what she wants to do with her womb, intolerant of americans choosing not to be believers in the easterbunny/santaclaus/godblessamerica Christianity that has more to do with politics than scripture

intolerant of facts

intolerant of the UN, fiscal responsibility, and the US constitution

edwards was right about two americas and you need to look no further than the electoral college to see that. or some of the better maps.

theres the city folk and the country folk.

the city folk are educated and worldly and diverse. they work with gays and foreigners and unwed mothers and people with turbans.

they know these people and see that theyre no more fucked up than the country folk or other city folk. if anything the city folk understand that everyones fucked up but the way to make things better isnt to exclude, shun, or discriminate. it's to embrace.

the country folk live in suburbs or farms, on acres or culdesacs. only bus they know is the school bus. the only gays they know have moved or keep quiet.

when the country folk dream of sending their kids to great colleges they dream of city schools, where all the best art is, all the best music is, and all the best companies are.

giving middle america the chance to ban gay marriage is like giving urban america the chance to ban country music. its an orgy of ignorance. a fiesta of fear.

a bukkake of bigotry.

and definately nothing to crow about mr. rove or spin as something positive about who your party attracts.

while the cockblockers came out in droves to screw the gays they also voted for your guy and then lied to the exit pollsters

in embarrassed shame.

meanwhile republicans in ohio and florida tried to intimidate, confuse, and prevent democrats from voting in those key states.

is that the gop direction that you'd like to see continue in this nation?

heres my suggestion to you mr rove: keep the president away from the press as you did so smoothly last term

keep america in fear like you did so flawlessly last term as well.

but knock off this shit that this is a republican country

this is a divided nation

and the line in the sand isnt big government vs small government

it's love your neighbor vs write laws to discriminate against your neighbor.

and dont think that even the country folk dont know that.

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