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   Thursday, January 13, 2005  
yes, i know the instapundit isnt a news source, hes a propaganda source. but i dont want him to be a propaganda source. i want him to be good blogger and a source of right wing spin.

but he refuses to be anything more than a propaganda source and i really dont see why he does things like ignore the fact that yesterday the White House announced that its two year hunt for weapons of mass destruction is officially over and they found no wmd, the main reason it went to war with Iraq.

biggest story of the day yesterday and yet he walked around the campus of UT taking pictures of the co-eds. Like he does any time he wants to bury his head in the sand.

am i disappointed in the instapundit? a tad. but i think thats a sort of condescending. a few times a commentor has said to me that he was disappointed in something i had written and i was all, sod off, im pushing the boundaries here pallie, im gonna lose some of you every once in a while.

but a political blogger not writing about the White House's biggest goof in decades? maybe ever?

that would be like a London newspaper not talking about the prince wearing a nazi costume to a party.

that would be like an LA sports blogger not writing about the fact that the Dodgers are throwing their team away.

that would be like the busblog writing in all caps.

im sorry but if youre a political blogger hell bent on saying Ah-Ha every chance you can to CBS and 60 Minutes because they goofed, you sorta look like an asswipe if you dont say Oh Shit when your party steamrolls everyone and goes to fucking war over something that turns out to not be true.

no matter how many times you huff and puff over Rathergate, that unfortunate tv broadcast was nothing compared to WMDgate.

did drudge link to it? of course. did little green footballs talk about it? of course. did metafilter point and say haw-haw, as a matter of fact yes they did.

and sure the right will say, oh but Clinton said they had weapons, and this dem said they had em, and that dem said they had em, and the world thought they had em... but none of those people had proof which is why none of those people spent billions and tens of thousands of human lives to go in there.

yes, iraqi lives count too.

just as much as the lives of coeds in knoxville.

yes the instapundit can write about whatever he wants. of course he can. but when you continually close your eyes, cover your ears and say lalalalalalaRatherGate you look like a fucking tool.

and you know what, even though i dont agree with everything that he writes or links to or doesnt link to, i dont want the instapundit to look like a fucking tool. the dude is one of the blog gods and it's sad to see him act like a guy on the take.


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