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   Sunday, February 20, 2005  
it was good to have bill maher back friday night on hbo.

he said he couldnt get over the fact that the white house has ties

to gay male prostitution.

"i think i know what bush meant now when he said he had a mandate."

robin williams simply could not be reigned in but what do you expect. but when he did hush for just a sec senator joe biden threw this into the mix
"Why isn't every major network in the country investigating a security breach, forget anything else. How could the FBI, for 17 years I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the ranking member. I've read more FBI reports than I ever wanted to know. How could that happen and no one had any idea who this guy was?... The Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate should be investigating it. The House Judiciary should be investigating it. And if it were the other party in charge, it would be investigated."

- via americablog
and i have a terrible memory but i forget if maher had "new rules" this week but i have a new rule.

new rule, you can wear a cross or you can dress like a whore, but no wearing a cross while youre dressed like a whore.

my mind can tolerate lots of concepts but virgin whore is not one that sits right.

i love christina aguelera more than i probably should.

i think its fascinating that we are far more obsessed with britney than we are in xtina even though britney cant sing cant dance isnt as hot and does nothing interesting with her look.

meanwhile christina sings her ass off does everything in the book to get our attention even touring with justin timberlake and janet jackson trumped her on that him as well.

word is she didnt even fuck em.

maybe she is a virgin whore

after all.

still, rockers, porn stars, hotties who come by in the wee hours, im not interested in seeing the symbol of my spiritual life resting between your exposed breasts.

or fishnetted breasts

leave it in the voting booth where it belongs.

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