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   Saturday, June 11, 2005  
dear negative anonymous commentors who are friends with the wonderful girl in question,

dont leave your bullshit here. you dont know me, you dont know my situation, you dont know shit about blogging, and you obviously dont know how i do shit on this blog.

i dont write about my personal life here. that means i dont jump around on couches when things are going good with chicks and i dont throw phones at bellboys when shit isnt going well.

this is a personal blog about me where very little in here is true. maybe thats tough to wrap your little head around, but if you dont know you better axe somebody.

is it "self absorbed"? not even in the slightest. i dont tell you what i ate for breakfast, i dont write about what my favorite fucking tune is right now, i dont tell you what my fingers smell like, and i dont tell you anything that i dont want to tell you.

ive had this car for two weeks. have i even posted a picture of it? have i even discussed my relationship with our mutual friend - even when it was going well? hail no. even when i was dating girls who were super exhibitional about their lives whose nipples would get hard any time id put their name and pictures on here i didnt put their name and pictures on here much because thats not how i do things here. but it is a personal blog about me, therefore the perspective is going to come from me. if anything, know that she was on my mind, duh, last night when i made a allusion to her early in the post. and then i moved on out of respect, and out of busblog style.

but be not confused. i am the star of this show. the url doesnt say it says so recognize.

if you have something to say, put it in your own stupid blog. if you want me to read it, link to it. but if you, even for a second think that you know something about the situation, think again. you know a sliver more about it than i know about your relationships. and that sliver is secondhand. true, its coming from a wonderful person, but it comes with its biases and a perspective that might not explain the whole story. to get the whole story you have to get half of it from me and i havent said shit. so shut the fuck up. i know youre trying to protect your friend and be a good friend but leaving bullshit on my comments only makes you look like an idiot, only pisses me off, and only makes strangers think that she picks stupid friends, which youre not. whoever you are.

do i blog in the middle of the night? of course. im a blogger. i blog when i wake, i blog when i eat, i blog on vacation, i blog when im happy and i blog when im sad.

heres how you can be a good friend to her. reinforce to her that im an idiot to let her go but maybe its for the best. tell her that definately its for the best because it is for the best. remind her that people split up every day and people get together every day. go out with her to find new dudes. the Lord didnt put billions of us on this toilet earth to be lonely. and perfect girls like her shouldnt be alone even for a day.

but most of all help her get those demons out of her head that she did anything wrong or made any mistakes. shes an angel. shes precious. shes rad, and we're all lucky to know her. however if you dont think that both of us arent bummed right now then youre an idiot.

you wanna tell me how to blog? good fucking luck. shove your good intentions and your misguided bullshit. instead focus your energies on your friend who actually needs your attention way more than i do.

and like i tell everyone, if you have anything to say to me in my comments, put your name next to it or you'll come across as a coward and a fool and i will make fun of you, and if you keep it up i will get mean. me getting mean on your ignorant ass will not do anything to help out your friend, all it will do is remind people that when im pissed off im the most fascinating writer in the world which will defeat your intention of making me look like a prick, which everyone already knows i am. youve been warned.

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