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   Thursday, June 09, 2005  
a while ago the new york times featured me in a piece they did about people who were addicted to blogging. all i have to say is it's 1:55p and if i didnt have a blog i woulda been out of this house two hours ago.

but now i think we're finally finished responding to emails and reading all the necessary blogs to present to you todays twenty minutes with tony. lets see how many words we can blaze out in twenty minutes totally without selfediting. stream of consciousness but more like a bukkake of blogging. ok go!

im watching a replay of the dodgers game from last night. maybe men will never understand the appeal of a shoe store at a mall but women will probably never fully grasp the beauty of vin scully broadcasting a dodger home game. many many times in my life do i look around and consider myself totally lucky and every single time i hear vin scully tell the ongoing tale of the los angeles dodgers i feel completely blessed.

maybe its because laker fans totally savored the last years of chick hearn, and cub fans did the same with harry carey. all of these great broadcasters worked well past the normal age of retirement and do so with style and personality and professionalism that is sadly quite rare in todays younger sports announcer. but enough baseball lets answer some questions.

"how do you pick who makes your blog + blog list."

linking is everything. as ive said before, linking is what seperates bloggers from apes. and its part of the shoutout culture that hiphop never gets credit for. therefore there are several places that i link fellow bloggers. after each post i link 3-4 blogs that i have recently read and enjoyed. either they had recently updated or they mentioned me in a nice way or they said something really good. sometimes i link someone who i, for whatever reason, havent linked them in a while.

if blogrolling could add one feature that id really appreciate it would be a tiny script that rotates through my blogroll that i could add to the bottom of each post. i dont know how many people actually click those links but if anything i know how nice it is to get a link and i figure everyone else feels the same way. and if i can turn someone on to a cool blog then awesome.

i also have a blog roll on the left hand side of my blog. i havent really managed that very well in the last six months but usually if someone gives some shoutouts to the busblog and has a decent blog i will gladly put them on the blogroll.

blogrolls are drama to many, but i do my best to link people who regularily blog and who link me back. maybe blogrolling has this, but it would be nice if blogs that havent updated in two or three months would fade or blink so i would know to delete them. i dont care what anyone says, writing an email to the world once or twice a week is not all that difficult. and thats all that blogging is. not everyone has to blog every day, not everyone has to write as many words as they can in twenty minutes every day, but everyone has a story to tell. everyone is doing something with their day. you might not consider it amazing, but nobody asked you your opinion, just tell the story and hit publish and i will probably link you.

do hot chicks who fawn over me get linked more than others? uh. yes. sometimes. usually. probably. no not at all.

do i deserve even a fraction of the attention that i get. no way. and maybe thats why im making up for it with quantity since quality comes and goes like hitting streak. just keep taking your cuts.

wow time is flying, so here are two questions from our girl in trinidad

1. Have you ever been with a black woman?

2. Have you ever come close to marrying someone?

i have never been with a black woman and during an xbi psychological examination the shrink said something that i found interesting. i found it particularily interesting because i am not a fan of psychiatry or mediums or therapy or meditation or any of that, but this dude said something that i think i agree with.

when i was a boy i lived in an all-white town. my sister and i were the only black kids in school for many years. as time passed sometimes one family or two would move in but theyd move out. then maybe another family would move in, and theyd move out just as quick. so the only black women i ever knew really were my mother and my sister and my relatives. therefore whenever i would see a black woman my brain would try to match her up with a family member, not really what you want to think about if youre on the prowl, lets say. so therefore ive never really been into black girls.

however, there have been exceptions, and i find mariah carey very beautiful, as well as beyonce, lil kim, the two black girls in american idol this year, the black chick in clueless, serena williams, and naomi campbell. actually naomi is my favorite supermodel of all time.

have i ever come close to marrying someone? no. the two girlfriends who i lived with id ask to marry every day that i was with them. i never produced a ring or got on my knee but that was probably because they punched me in the gut anytime i ever mentioned marriage.

if either of them had said yes my life would be worlds different than it is now and i seriously doubt i would be blogging today. i got very lethargic and satisfied when i was in those relationships and i dare say dull. there was a great deal of love there but not much to blog about. besides the wild monkey sex.

but id love to be married one day and id love to create a few dozen offspring and name them all george foreman or prince.

times up so let me say that its nice that scully has gotten to document the rise of eric gagne and the true excitement that happens at home games when they play the opening strains of "welcome to the jungle" and the typically reserved dogdger stadium goes apeshit while taking pictures with their cell phones of the best closer in baseball running out of the bullpen.

long live rock.

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