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   Friday, January 20, 2006  
i really need to get two blogs post vite. is that even how you spell it?

mr matthew good is supposed to put the new one together but i dont think he sees the vision that i see, but i think he will see the light soon.

speaking of which i finally got In A Coma from mr good himself and when i got home from the road trip i put the dvd in and watched the videos and then watched them again with him and his director bro talking over the music.

gotta say i liked the one with dale jr the best. they were all pretty interesting actually. although im pretty happy that i got to hear apperitions a few times live before seeing the video or hearing it on the radio.

that tune should have been in a hundred movies by now.

anyways im sitting here on a friday night not sure if im gonna get stood up on or not - thus why i need a second blog.

cuz if i had a second blog id be talking hella shit about this girl who basically begged me to forget the fact that she was not the correct astrological sign of which i am only accepting one currently.



im listening to My Chemical Romance because they are ginormous on buzznet and i want to find out why. i mean i know a few of their songs but not only are they in the top 40 which for a quasi gothmetal band is pretty damn good.

like a watered down manson.

my chemical romance hearts buzznet and the buzznetters heart them right back. right now they have us linked on their main page and the kids have come in droves. right now there are 4,529 images of the band and 1,439 people who have listed them as one of their favorite bands.

ah the kids.

this record isnt bad actually. which one is it? three cheers for sweet revenge. i dont know if this is the new one or old one but i like it.

buzznet is a very quiet company, youd be suprised to know.

the problem is someones always on the phone talking to someone important so you sorta have to keep it down. to remedy that we are renovating the office so marc brown sold the sweet ass couch, a bunch of closets, desks, and for the next two weeks im gonna have to work from home.

pajamas for two weeks straight.

although one of the days we have a meeting to take one of our friends out for a business lunch at the beach, classy like.

where the hell is this bitch?

in college there were these killer girls who everyone loved and one of the things theyd used to do is call each other b as a loving version of bitch.

oh you little b theyd say.

or damn b youre looking good.

five minutes ago this girl was a b, now shes a bitch.

met this chick and she was wearing a cat collar and i said ever have a nice leash on that shit

and she said not yet.

which makes me think that maybe shes being bad on purpose.

and if she is then i will love her forever.

after her spanking.

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