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   Tuesday, January 03, 2006  
yesterdays storms blew power here at the bachelor pad and when it was restored the interweb wouldnt work. i was able to drive to a local hotel and sit in their parkinglot to put up that last post to keep the bus rolling, but i wasnt able to start my annual 2005 year end review.

that will begin tonight if all goes well.

now im off to work across town at Buzznet. i want to thank everyone who sent me gifts and cards and bought my book(s) and sent me nice messages and flowed the roadtrip. if you feel like perhaps you didnt give that gift that you wanted to flow the busblog, feel free to sign up for Buzznet and thats a killer present.

or if you already have Buzznet, put some pics up from your holidays.

2006 is going to be very different than 2005 for me, mainly because of my new gig, so i am extremely grateful for that. i have gotten to meet some of you through this new job, and i hope that 2006 allows me to meet many more of you. and of course drink rum with you. and then kiss your sister(s).

the sun is out here in Los Angeles this morning, the rains have gone, and there are promises of 80 degree temps tomorrow. so when you watch the rose bowl tomorrow remember all the hell that broke loose here over the last two days and how it almost washed away the world's second greatest parade.

when my Internet doesnt work i gravitate to the television. last night i watched The Gauntlet II which was somewhat interesting. i like seeing all my Real World people back together again. of course theres some id rather not see but its still ok. i cant believe how many people milk the two weeks that they were on the show, but whatever. and of course i wish Puck would find his way back on my TV. but alas, viacom is viacom.

i listened to a few hours of the Adam Corrolla show this morning on 97.1, and i dont know about you, but if i was to replace Howard Stern, i wouldnt copy one of his bits on my first day.

about two weeks before Howard left terrestrial-censored radio he invited his father into the studio and quizzed him on various aspects of Howard's career and life. his father didnt fare well.

So for some reason Corrolla decided to do the same thing with his papa, with equal results. unless of course you had heard the Stern show. for if you had the Corrolla imitation seemed warmed over.

dont get me wrong, im a big fan of crank yankers, the man show, and of course the legendary Love Lines. in fact im old enough to remember when Poorman was Corrolla before Corrolla was Corrolla and i was there when adam replaced poorman after he was kicked off for giving the address for a kroq morning man over the air.

but if Adam is going to just do the Howard Stern Show in the morning hes in for some huge disappointments because only Howard - it has been proven - can be Howard.

adam is a very funny, quick-witted, and talented dude. it's my hope that he finds himself a good sidekick and goes the road less traveled instead of simply walking in Howard's footsteps. minus the strippers, midgets, and freaks.

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