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   Wednesday, June 14, 2006  
bens met her. short. cute. quiet. little too quiet for my nerves. but now and then a little burst of something will squirt out and youre all wtf baby wheres that all the time?

she writes me on buzznet she writes me on myspace she text messages my ass when im not looking.

i ask her for nudes, she doesnt send em. i ask her for top hats, she wont wear em. disguises? never.

closest thing was once she put a ski mask on and a very short turtleneck that exposed the belly. she was pointing a water gun at an imaginary foe. your eyes didnt know whether to investigate the amazing stomach or the obvious fact that our girl wasnt wearing a brasierre.

laist has been down due to a mad rush of traffic. thats the catch 22 of the web. when something good happens you get shut down, like when a good band plays in isla vista.

to me it feels like getting pumped up for a game and it gets rained out in the second inning.

martini republic humorously chided me for not covering the arrests at the south central farm. truth is im not exactly sure where i stand on that issue, and it was an event that happened so early in the morning that by the time the noon editions of the local news were on, it was covered.

i know one of the people at the farm. i was thinking about just going there to see if he was one of those who got arrested and talking to people, but not on the first day. on the first day youre supposed to just knock it out and not try to do anything fancy.

ive decided that im going to get a small laptop and an evdo card so as to be truly mobile. then i can go to crazy ass south central farms.

today i drove to ameoba to get the replacements greatest hits. on my way out i noticed a big spectacle over at the arclight. sure enough it was the premeire for the keanu sandra bullock movie. so i walked a little closer and there was sandra bullock all dolled up being cute.

sandy only writes me on gmail.

aaron gleeman + dillinger escape plan on fire + attak kat is behind this little snippet you should see

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