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   Monday, June 05, 2006  
im what youd call a law-and-order independent. im not particularily fond of any of the political parties but i do vote, and i vote for who i want.

with that said im a big fan of bank robbers.

to me theres nothing more courageous than to perform the unthinkable - to rob a place designed to stop robbers.

to me theres no one better than an accomplished bank robber.

however, today i have found a successor to that black throne

a convicted bank robber whose brother breaks him out of the pokey via a helicopter.
ATHENS (Reuters) - A helicopter landed in the middle of the high security Athens Korydallos prison, picked up two prisoners and flew away in a Hollywood-style escape that has left Greek police stunned.

A criminal on the run hijacked the helicopter Sunday to get his brother out of prison, police said. Vassilis Paleokostas, 40, who was serving a 25-year sentence for kidnapping and bank robbery, and an Albanian convict escaped.

"The guards thought it was a surprise inspection by ministry officials and did nothing," a police official said.

The helicopter pilot, who said he was forced at gunpoint to undertake the mission, flew the inmates to a nearby cemetery and they made their escape on motorbikes. Greek police have launched a manhunt for the convicts. - reuters 6.5.06
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