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   Monday, June 26, 2006  
when i was a kid this was one of my favorite books. maybe because it was about the Cubs and the Cubs didnt get a lot of books written about them during the 20th century.

it was, if i recall, a pretty funny book about some of the loveable losers to play ball on the northside.

every now and then i will look for it on eBay or whatever to see if i can get a picture of the cover, and today was my lucky day. i also got to see what its estimated value is. $64.99.

i dont even think that during college when i had to buy expensive text books that i ever paid $65 for a 100 page paperback.

although those were the old days when a sack of buds went up to $45 an eighth and someone wrote a letter in to the paper trying to tell everyone that becauase weed was a black market item, that if nobody paid $45 then it would only get sold at $40.

unfortunately in those days not everyone read the paper.

and apparently not everyone read Stuck on the Cubs back in the day because now its so rare that a guy can get away with selling it for sixty five bones.

did i tell you tsar plays tonight. did i tell you i found my battery charger for my camera. did i tell you that ive been listening to all these new cds all weekend but im about to pop in the shower and guess what i just made. a nirvana led zep mix.

In other news Gawker released a long story by Rivers back when he was in college. Here's an excerpt.
“What’s this??” I asked myself. “ Disgraceful! I’d better click on some more pictures here just to make sure my eyes aren’t deceiving me.”

One time, I even made the incredibly stupid decision of going to a “pajama” party at the Playboy Mansion. I sat by the dance floor the whole night, twitching and drooling, slightly, as hundreds of nearly-naked women writhed en masse to the music. When a warm, wet, female mouth suddenly whispered in my ear, “Let me know if you see anything you like—I can make it happen,” my glasses fogged over completely.
what rivers is saying is he needed a wingman.

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