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   Monday, August 07, 2006  
i took in a film today. it was actually the new movie by a famous director and an actor who will never not be known for his famous role. it doesnt come out till the winter so i cant write about it.

it was a marketing screeing. except what was weird was they didnt ask us any questions at the end. as i drove home through beverly hills it occurred to me that perhaps they were just trying to see when we laughed and how loudly we laughed. and how often.

i laughed. i should have laughed more. i could have laughed more. it was star studded this film. not all big named stars. a few big named stars. enough big named stars. and the director made one of the funniest movies in the last decade. still the movie was not great. the premise was great, the acting was good, but something was missing. even i dont know what was missing and i know everything.

the music was good, the outrageous parts werent offensive or overboard -- you know what, maybe thats what was missing. maybe they didnt push it enough. you know how sometimes you have really bland chili or maybe the ground turkey isnt the tastiest, the best way - and quickest way - to steer it away from being bad is by making it super spicy. a few peppers.

this movie could have used a pepper or two. clearly they were shooting for the PG-13 because there was no nudity, slapstickish "violence", and very little cussing.

i hadnt seen a film in a while, and it was nice to see something i had no clue what it was about. afterwards i called anna kournikova and she was all fool im in miami except when she says it she tries to keep it real and pronounces it me am eee. i told her that me am eee is not on the itinerary of my road trip. and that who-oar had the nerve to say good.

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