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   Thursday, August 24, 2006  
Photo Hosted at Buzznet Talk about Chilltown and how they should get to the final three with Janie-doll and which one of Chilltown Janie should evict so she can win the half million dollar prize.
- Grace

love is crazy. it'll make you do the things that you wouldnt do otherwise. stupid things. love throws you off. gets you outta your game. when tiger woods first got married to that blonde model he coudnt golf anymore. but now that hes bored of her hes back.

you write better when you want someone. you write better when you dont have that person. when youre googley eyed you may as well be against the law because you dont really drive when you drive you act like a driver but your eyes are about ten feet above the traffic.

janie was in love with dr will the second she saw that he didnt give a fuck about the game. why didnt he, she thought? this guy had won before, surely he knew you have to want it bad enough to be on slop for months or be in solitary for 24 hours to win. why didnt he care she thought and she knew it was because he was in love with another.

and that was attractive to her. more attractive than winning this small game. she wanted to win the young doctor who was suddenly far more charming than she had remembered. was he really that successful in his businesses? did he really just tell everyone on national tv that he hates them all? did he really just tell the entire house once again to vote him out?

kasar was gone and she thought she could trust will who suggested that she put her girlfriend marcie on the block as a pawn but it was she who indeed got pwned.

and while she continued to let chilltown use her like a worn-in hand puppet - bam howie was gone. if she had been on her shit chilltown would have been out by the third week and there truly wouldnt have been any chilltown.

but those retarded rich whiteboys who are so easy to hate have coasted through the game playing it any way that they want because the season six boys were gaga for janelle but janelle was gaga for chilltown whose decisionmaker is the doctor. with janie cakes at bay, currently the only person that chilltown needs to fear is danielle who could rally the troops against the real mr and mrs smith, will and janelle.

which is possible since theyre both in love with each other almost as much as they love themselves, and therefore

vulnerable fools who must die

the chickenman will win it all.

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