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   Friday, August 18, 2006  
im thinking about not going on a road trip. im thinking about just doing a lot of things for 40 days and 40 nights. i tried to get a summer girlfriend at the begining of this summer and she said no and when summer had started she wanted to change her mind but i was all summer has already started we blew it! and now she hates me.

theyre playing the pga tournament at the golfcourse that was right across the street from my high school. it the course that our golf team got to play at every day. it wsa the place where i went to prom. its off irving park road.

my high school was called lake park high

good name until you learn why it was called lake park high.

it was called that not because there was a super cool lake anywhere nearby or even a great park, it was called lake park because it was on the corner of lake street and irving park road.

we had no business having medinah country club literally on the other side of the road and even at 14 i knew that was some bad ass shit on the other side of those trees. i knew that people had paid tens of thousands of dollars a year just to be able to hang out there and extra to play golf there.

some of my friends worked there as caddys. you dont have to believe any of this but its true. anyways one of my friends who worked there was run over by a car or truck or schoolbus or something when he was little and he grew up with lets say some developmental differences. my friends rewarded him by calling him toad because they said his face looked squished. our town was like that. theyre still totally good friends with him and they still call him toad.

one kid in grade school they called fish face or fish for short. another was jewish and he was called jewlock. i never understood that one. maybe i was sick the day when the lock was deemed the worthy adjective.

i was fast then. i could run. i could run anywhere then. i remember playing high school basketball and the coach had gotten us into such great shape that the two mile bike ride to the grocery store became a sprint for me sans bike. i remember running straight there and not even really being tired.

i remember this because im no longer fast. i jogged the other day and i swear to you an elderly man ran next to me because the crosswalk light was blinking. i was nervous he was going to beat me. i looked at my belly for a good ninety seconds today. thats a good eighty seconds more than i normally look at any part of my body on an average day.

so instead of driving to the pantry for a huge hunk of meat and some potatoes and some gravy i walked to the ninety nine cents store which is a good two miles away. there i bought some cans of vegetables. then i walked back and picked up some zankau chicken. a woman was in there with her mostly blind friend. she was writing on a small white board "we are at zankau chicken" "we are on sunset blvd."

i could have gone to an excellent party tonight but i just wanted to chat with this one girl in texas. but i couldnt because my hands were killing me from working all day and all night. so we talked on the phone. which is never the same.

boy did we get a lot of hits today.

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