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   Thursday, September 14, 2006  
its 431am im still in minneapolis. yesterday i basically took the day off from driving around the world and instead drove around town.

i found myself on the freeway trying out my new camcorder thats also a pretty great still camera. everything was going well until i saw a copper in the median who looked at me as i passed, turned on his party lights and peeled out behind me.

as i said in the previous post, my emotions rarely make their way to the surface, but there they were again. what is it about this town? my heart started beating like mad, i tried to shove the camera in my bag and then hide it under the seat but i was driving and i started to swerve and i realized i was causing more reasons to arrest me.

clearly driving while filming is illegal and reckless and exhibit A would be the film of me alone in the car filming the gorgeous fields of corn and the amber waves of grain. so i wondered how i could quick erase the disc but i barely know the camera so i just slowed down to the speed limit and waited.

and there he approached in his car

and he went around me and he then cut in front of me and he pulled over the white minivan ahead of me.

and at that point i wondered how many times i could thank God in one sitting. and then i wondered how much the ticket would have been and i said God you saved me at least $300, so i will spend that on my momma when i get to IL tonight for her birthday.

needless to say i went straight to my motel room where it was safe.

there are three places where you can stay on the road a)with hot babes b)in corporate hotels c) in wild card independent weirdo motels

call me crazy but my favorite by far is c.

im in the best room in the strangest motel in town and i love it. it feels like im in someones converted attic. like where greg brady lived in the final season. like where youd say you'd put the exchange student from peru if you actually had such a dude.

there are not one but two murphy beds in this shit. the phone never rings. the tv has 60 channels, the little fridge makes very little noise, the shower is dirty but the stream is perfect and the water gets hot.

somehow i havent messed up the room at all which is bizarre because i can mess shit up in seconds.

i got a lot of LAist work handled today. some of it was actually killer behind the scenes shit with one super famous rock club that wants to work with us all the time. i was pacing while on the cell phone like a real mogul, it was funny. when i looked in the mirror when it was over i saw a sorta good looking dude and i was all wtf.

tomorrow i will be in my home state where some very nice people are trying to get me not just Cubs tickets but Bears tickets too.

yesterday i was thinking how i should have brought a joint or two with me for these late nights where i would like to fall asleep easier and write something trippy in my secret blog, but i ran past a "drug checkpoint" on the freeway and it was pretty nice to be able to tell the troopers that its sorta against the spirit of innocent until proven guilty when you just start pulling over people and seeing if theyre breaking the law. how about pull over people after they break the law.

people talk shit about castro, but america is so incredibly commie during these last few hundred days of bush its sorta creepy.

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