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   Sunday, October 01, 2006  
im at alaphbet citu7sh. 7th and b. im watcing the bears with a bunch of bears fans whove movved here. i wanna move here. i saw one ugly chick if youre scoring at home and ivf youre scoring at home squeeze yr chicks ass for me.

my battry only says 45% so lemme get to the point. the point is that im loving life here and im in a punk bar and they just played ozzy and sabbath and bad religion and bad brains and social d and some shit i never heard of and its all about the shit youve nbever heard of. the bears are up 20-6 going into the half and the dude with the urlacher jersey just finished his wings and the dude with the payton jersey just went out for his fifth cigarrette.

they already threw one guy out for being an asshole with no money. the bouncer spliiled some bbq sauche on his shit and hte italian guy said throw a little club soda on that shit. im the fag in the corner typing in the laptop.

earlier today i hyng out at AOL. but its nothing like this.

"ITS YAM KIPPOUR, PARTY. i dont know whta they do they starve then they party."


theres a normal girl who got driunk and i wanna taker home. aj isnt coming home for another night i wonder how she will feel about me taking chicks home. probably wouldnt care. my friends are the best.

fat man took care of me today,. hes the one who works at aol. he basically let me hook into his ethernet and when he was done with his work and when i was don with my work he took me to the lower east side and we had drinks at pianos. then he took me around the corner and we ate fish tacos and drank beers. ok i was the only one drinking and eating but it was sweet. 11.50 for good two tackos and a beer. expensive to mee but thats cuz im a fucking cheapsass.

todsays the last day of baseball. i was in 12 leagues i think i won one. i mighta lost em all. i mighta won 3 thats the fucked up thing about fantasy, one day can change everything.

so yeah i wanna move here forever. i know its cold., i know its dirty i know its expensive but theres always shit to do and i dont know abou tyou but theres never enough for me to do in LA other than do drugs and chase teenagers and i dont know about you but thats been done and i did it better in the 1100s back when weed was legal and chicks had contests to see how ugly the dudes were that would roll on top of them,;, ahh those were hte days.

can you believe how drunkj i am off just four beers. i wonder if this cjhick will serve me. im way past melgibson but not as close as paris hilton.

at piansos i met a nice girl who kept swining her perse as i talked to her and iwas all whya doing that and she said cuz im happy and i said but its sunday and she said so. and i said would you ever do a guy who did your roommate and she said not in ny. and i was all wtf and she said cuz here theres so many fuckin dudes you dont need ot share your shit with your girls.

and tomorrow im heading out and tomorrow i dont know where im going but all i know is its gonna take me a few days to get to where im going and i wish i knew where that was but its no where near you so i guess it dont mean shit.

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