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   Monday, October 30, 2006  
why abortion rights should go to sexually active girls and why they shouldnt need parental approval.

a parent has about 12 or so years before their daughter is capable of getting pregnant. if over that time the parents have not earned that daughter's trust on serious decisions like, oh, abortions, then the last thing that family needs is an unwanted child.

clearly the parents have a hell of a lot more parenting skills to brush up on before they become grand parents.

as in oh look at the family who doesnt trust each other and cant talk, their teenage daughter just got knocked up and they're gonna keep it even though the little girl doesnt want it: grand.

people who fawn over the new and turn its back on the not so new fascinate me. omg every conception must turn into a kid, "but if those fucking Democrats even think about raising our taxes in favor of universal health care, lowering the cost of education, providing inner city kids after school programs, mandating affordable day care in office buildings, im going to remind them that bill clinton got blowjobs."

from 0-12 years old, you have a captive audience in which to spew whatever hypocritical backwoods bullshit you wanna spew. and if you havent hammered home the idea that unprotected sex is the dumbest thing that teenagers could do next to getting a panic at the disco tattoo, then you have failed in that portion of parenting.

if your daughter doesnt want to talk to you about the idea that she feels in her little teenage girl heart that as much as she'd like to ruin her life, she'd rather not have a baby at this time, then you have failed in another portion of your parenting.

which is probably why your little punkin isnt all that giddy about jumping into parenting herself, particularily so early in her little life.

the bible has thousands of pages. hundreds of stories about men and women and kids and babies and parents.

theres not one thing about abortions in the bible, which is why i think people are so confused about it.

the way you might want to think about it is, if God didn't want there to be abortions, he would have said something about it. and by not saying anything about, by not having one situation in generations of families, maybe He's saying "you have free will, do the right thing."

and maybe if that little girl actually makes the decision on her own, she wont be as reckless next time, and grow up a little.

making her grow up in just nine months in a situation where her vote was just overruled her first child, is not exactly the way i'd want to start my life, if i was a kid.

however, there are people who think that George Bush is a good president.

and there are even some who truly believe that we found wmds in iraq.

those are the people who think that kids who dont want kids should be forced to have kids.

love yr neighbor.

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