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   Saturday, October 07, 2006  
yes i took the tour of graceland, yes i paid $6 just to park. yes i stayed at a motel about two blocks away. yes i know he stole the black mans music. yes i believe hes the king of rock n roll. and yes i believe rock n roll will save yr soul.

i dont know what i expected but i sure didnt get it.

i got way more. i got that elvis was a sweet ass interior designer. 70s everythings were insanely cool. shag carpet on the walls and ceilings. carpet on the floor of the kitchen. crazy paintings. crazy wood. crazy monkeys everywhere.

i like that they dont show you the upstairs. but as cool as it is its sorta small. hell my sister's got a bigger house.

no she doesnt have a raquetball court in the back and horses and a pool but as for the house, its not as big as i expected. nothing is. not even the plane is as big as i thought.

but the biggest thing that struck me is our mortality. you can be the hugest star in the world who can charge $6 for parking and $55 for the VIP treatment on the tour (cheapskates like me paid $27), you can have tons of cars, the hottest wife, the hottest daughter, three tvs like the president, kickass clothes, and the best drugs money can buy

but you still end up wormmeat under the ground.

i know elvis loved his momma but the horses have more room to spread out than dead elvis. dead elvis should have a plot for himself. dead elvis should be way out there in the field. fucker has so many gold records they dont even know what to do with em all and all he ends up is dirt in the ground.

sorta made me think that all of this is for naught.

i listen to his music every day. ive got sirius and i listen to him on the sirius elvis channel. i took a picture of the sirius studio across the street from graceland and thats tiny too.

the property is big but, i dont know. the king should have a castle shouldnt he?

and elvis presley blvd is sorta crappy. its poor. the gas stations are going out of business. theres not much very cool happening around it. i dont know man, i think i understand why lisa marie sold 85 per cent of everything and lives in hollywood and drinks.

i feel like selling 85 per cent of everything and moving to hollywood and drinking.

now im in a gentrified sandwhich coffee yuppie internet cafe eating a $8 sandwich right next to sun studios.

im glad i didnt get a room here for two days. im glad im going to new orleans tonight.

im glad im not the king of rock n roll dead in the ground having people take pictures of my head stone while some creepy dude takes pictures of the people.

im glad i sold my soul to the angels.

im glad i will remodel my house to look exactly like the inside of graceland when i grow up.

im glad i can cross this off the list.

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