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   Wednesday, November 22, 2006  
yes i have the greatest friends, yes i pay ridiculously low rent, yes i have good health, yes ive been able to survive 100 years without anything super horrible happening to me, yes im happy that my mother is in good shape, yes im thrilled that the Cubs are finally spending money on their team, yes im totally shocked at how good this Bears team is, and yes im glad that i continue to wow the ladies with my skills between the sheets,

but the thing im most thankful for today, on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, is something i havent had in a very long time, and thats a job that i adore that adores me right back.

its 420am wednesday morning. last night karisa and i went to a private party at the elegant el rey theatre on the miracle mile on wilshire. i was invited because of my job. we dined on food catered by wolfgang puck because of my job. i get to write to you at this retarded hour because of my job, and i get to wake up tomorrow whenever i damn well please because i have a killer gig.

when you live as long as i have you end up in a lot of different occupations, but since i was a teensy weensy lad i dreamed of writing professionally. at first i wanted to be a sportswriter, and then a music reviewer, and then a columnist. but unfortunately life has a way of dashing your dreams, crushing your spirit, and laughing at your wishes.

at that point you can either take a machine gun to your office and go out in a blaze of glory, you can shrug it off and go back to pounding the pavement, or you can sell out to the lowest bidder. and sometimes you can get lucky as hell.

as Editor of the LAist (the only thing that has ever kept me away from you, loyal busblog readers) i have the rare opportunity of writing about sports, music, politics, television, and even private parties at newly renovated rock clubs. and working for the likes of Jake Dobkin, i have the pleasure of enjoying a freedom like never before. bro never calls me, barely writes me, and only gives advice when asked.

unlike some who ive worked for, when he said in june that all he cared about was hits, he meant it. when i told him my plans in june he listened but took no notes because all he cared about was our mutual success. when i told him that i wanted to drive around the country all he said was when you come to ny lemme know and i'll get you drunk.

because of that respect and confidence and freedom ive worked pretty much every day for the last six months, never taking a full day off. even on the road i was available for phone calls, emails, or emergencies, and i posted just as many times in Toronto as i did in Hollywood. and each month the hits kept coming. (thank God.)

this month we're on a pace to triple the traffic LAist had last November, which for a big site is quite an accomplishment. and we did it without any sex, nudity, outrageousness, controversy, or trickery. and what im most proud of, as an editor, is some of the biggest days that we had were due to stories written by some of our newest contributers.

and your boy Anti captured a real LA gunfight on video. for your ass. which hopefully will be the last time he puts himself in the line of fire for a blog.

anyways i had some good jobs in the past, but never have so many of my skills been used in such a way. never have i had so much freedom to work when i wanted where i wanted. and never have i been able to be part of almost instant success that grows each month. for money.

the only thing i havent gotten yet because of LAist is laid. so i guess the busblog still has a purpose after all.

carolyn got me the gig + jen leads by example + the ny times is stoking us

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