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   Monday, November 20, 2006  
its been a crazy day in LA this morning the old dude who plowed his car through santa monica's farmers market

who killed 10 people including little kids

and hurt close to 70 people

a man who didnt go to court, didnt go to the judgement, and today didnt go to the sentencing,

a man who was only accused of manslaughter because he was in his 80s at the time and murder would have been trickier to convict him with

even though murder was exactly what he did

was given probation. just probation.

even though witnesses say they heard him say to the angry mob who wanted to tear him apart, "you saw me coming, why didnt you get out of the way."

even though the judge today said that the old white man deserved prison and showed no remorse and never claimed any responsibility in any way.


old and white in santa monica, you can get away with murder even if the jury says youre guilty and the judge says you should be in jail.

then michael richards, tvs kramer, called people niggers and got banned from telling his bad jokes.

then ojs book got canceled. but it looks like oj will still get paid.

then paris and britney had a girls night out in vegas and didnt invite me.

last night i woke up feeling a tad under the weather. i want to blame the canadian girl who spent a few days in my bed for infecting my blankets and pillows, but because shes white and this is LA, i will have to let her off on probation.

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