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   Wednesday, December 06, 2006  
they say libras make good judges because we can see both sides very well. all i know is i am a good editor for LAist because all i think about is the web and blogging and all i want to do is write and edit and make things better. when people try to accuse me of not having a life i want to say, as long as theres an internet connection, i have a life.

im here in orlando florida secretly advising the cubs during the winter meetings. i come back to the hilton resort that me my mom my sister my brother in law and their two kids are staying in and they want to hang out with me and i say, im sorry i have to now work on LAist and they say but youve been on the computer all day and im like, yes but not for LAist.

ever since i began seriously blogging it has always felt like there are not enough hours in the day. it always seems like its 5:44am and i havent been to sleep yet. btw its 544am and i havent been to sleep yet. i have the day off tomorrow with the cubs which means i can go to Disney's Animal Park tomorrow with my family (who wants to be there at 8am) because im so far from sleepy right now, but i wont because theres always more work to be done for LAist. always. in a good way.

my mom reminded me that i do have a life outside of the web, she reminded me today that i did travel the country in october, in a shitty car, and i kissed pretty girls and interviewed people and saw cool things. she reminded me that i do hang out with my friends, friends ive had for a ridiculous amount of time. and that ive had some pretty sweet jobs over the years including being an undercover superhero for the xbi.

but what my mother doesnt realize or want to believe is i would much rather be blogging. in the woods. alone. life is what happens to me when people yank me away from the computer. sleep is what happens when the sun has been up for a half hour and the cover of darkness taps out.

i could live so easily in a small apartment near a chinese restaurant in silence as long as the apartment had high speed internet. i know i dream of owning a house, but what would i need that for?

i arrived in orlando a day early and i sat at the beach with the kids and they are little (4 and 1.5) so they were throwing sand and i felt like such a jerk because i had my laptop on my bare legs and i was all easy kids, dont get that sand on my laptop. but what on earth am i doing with a laptop by water and sand?!

my sister cooked wonderful steak and as soon as i digest it im back on the computer.

theres something very wrong with me.

there are several stories in my head that i want to write about in LAist but i really have to go to sleep since its 6 and now i feel like i should get up at 8 and be a good son. but here are the stories incase i forget

i need to list all the new cds that came out yesterday like gwen stefanis

i need to write about the dude who was caught videotaping new movies or soon-to-be released movies and got 7 years in the slam because he was caught with a fake social security card and he threatened peoples lives, etc

i need to write about the Mere Mortals who's singer Axel used to live in my apartment for a summer who are #4 on the new band record chart thing despite being unsigned. therefore theyre like the hottest unsigned band in LA

i need to write about this 120 year old woman who says she is that old because she smokes weed every day

and i need to write about how local Florida news should be nationally syndicated because more fucked up shit goes down here than anywhere in the world, its just not a joke on Countdown or Love lines, theres something in the water because people are psycho here.

but the weathers nice.

so they tell me.

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