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   Wednesday, February 14, 2007  
i read a lot of blogs. in a way i get paid to read blogs. and ive been reading blogs pretty much since they started.

since we find ourselves in the middle of Award Season, today is a perfect day to announce the 2006 Anna Awards.

this year instead of one or two winners we have four.

they are all women, they all use blogspot, and the reason why the members of the academy chose them is because they all exemplify a punk rock aesthetic, they all blog in an extremely personal manner, and they all write in a way that occasionally - if not often - makes me laugh.

the first blogger that we have is xTx, one of two anonymous bloggers who are being recognized today. xTx is raunchy, funny, sexy, and sometimes disgusting. she writes every day, she keeps it real. last year she was the sole Anna winner and remained just as vital this year.

next comes flagrant disregard whose blog has never ceased to amaze me. in a very unique melding of paranoid, together, and insane, whoever flagrant is she writes incredibly well and has a fascinating story to tell. an almost unbelievable story. definitely not for people who think that trying to catch up with Lost is challenging.

the next winner is erin from chicago. she can be even more disgusting than xTx and sometimes even funnier. like her pal jessica, IT ALWAYS SEEMS BETTER WHEN SHES ALL CAPSING AND TELLING SOME DUDE SHE FAKED ALL HER ORGASMS. even though raymi will tell you that she invented it.

last and not least is the pants, a young lady who is pretty much completely out of control and very good at documenting it. and whats most interesting is the stories that she tells on her blog are simply the tip of the trainwreck iceberg. its punk meets the blues meets an xrated rough draft of a suicide note slash treasure map. ive known three girls like ms pants. ones dead and forgotten the others a fullon housewife milf and the third is a sherrifs deputy in the prison where her expertise is keeping incarcerated male gangmembers in line. the third is also an amazing mom.

there are dozens of honorable mentions but you all know who you are. i love most of the blogs that ive been reading for years but i only had four annas to give away.

however i would like to mention these honorable mentions: matt welch for his long long long crazy nerdy appealing to probably two people in the whole world posts about baseball on matt welch dot com.

and raymi the minx for bringing it just as hard as ever, but she didnt get me laid in toronto like she promised so fucker. kidding. truth be told i bet all the winners this year would say that raymi has influence their style a little. maybe not flagrant so much, but raymi deserved her best canadian blogger awards and wrote furiously all year multiple times a day. beautifully. if she lived in LA people would be saying corey kennedy who?

congratulations everyone and thanks for hitting publish on your killer shit.

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