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   Saturday, January 26, 2008  
greg brady has a blog

and although its nicely designed, its truly lame.

call me crazy but i heart britneys fake british accent.

speaking of crazy yesterday the 10 most popular stories on Digg were about Scientology - America's hottest religion?

brent zacky, the super producer who brought Hefner's girlfriends to E! is now the VP of programming at TLC and is bringing Miss America to TLC. he was always one of my faves at E!

CBS News has video of the worlds first weed machine - yes the same one mentioned here a few posts down. the owner claims that the machine will help keep the price down.

Voter Fraud in the New Hampshire Primary or just Really Interesting Video?

LAist's Ali Miller interviews Guns n Roses' best friend, Marc Canter, the son of the owners of Canters. Marc has a new book coming out about last great sunset strip band (who still owes us some Chinese Democracy)

even when xTx writes about something super disgusting, somehow she still makes it super hot and very funny.

LA Times calls bullshit on Josh Gibson mocking Heath Ledger's death

flagrant hasnt been playing nice this year

a woman at the New York Times tries to write an essay about blogging in the NYT Review of Books. she tries to make sense of the Instapundit, among others, and fails miserably. languagehat on metafilter outs her as a typical hack, gets called out, and responds justly, thusly:
Oh, languagehat, don't you see that you're tarring "print media types" with the exact same too-broad brush that they often tar bloggers?

bicyclefish got it. It's just as lazy for bloggers to complain about print media as the print media to complain about bloggers.

See, I'd love to agree with you, because I'm all about even-handedness and not stereotyping and all that good stuff, but the fact is I've never seen a single fair, knowledgeable, and interesting piece about blogging from the mainstream media. This Boxer piece is about as good as it gets, and that's not saying a whole lot. I've seen plenty of knowledgeable, incisive discussion of the mainstream media by bloggers. But maybe I've just been unlucky. Go ahead, prove me wrong; I like being proven wrong. Point me to a really good discussion (with no condescension, no "aren't these kiddies cute?" attitude) of blogging by a mainstream journalist. Make my day.
Needless to say, languagehat, one of my favorite mefiers, doesnt get his day made.

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