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   Monday, January 21, 2008  
sometimes i worry that the happiness will burst right thru my skin and stain my coffeetable

but thats silly i guess. cuz who cares about this old coffeetable.

splurged and paid the laundry $50 to do all my laundry and then fold it. while they were laughing at my wardrobe i drove to westwood and saw cloverfield at the Village which is a really big super old movie theatre in the college town.

reason i went there is cuz i was scurred that it would be sold out everywhere and for some reason westwood has this terrible curse where noone wants to shop there or watch movies there so the theatres are always half empty. when i went it was 4:30pm and it was 3/4s empty but for some reason some dude decided to plop down right in front of me right as the film was gonna start. so i flicked the back of his head.

he turned and said wtf

i said you took the letters right outta my mouth, move to ANY OF THE EMPTY 275 SEATS UP IN THIS PIECE.

he huffed and turned around and went back to eating his popcorn.

so i moved.

if i wasnt so happy i would have beat his ass after the movie. but it was sorta a good film and by the time i left i forgot to abuse the testosterone which still flows at a rapid pace through my old body. how is this happening?

when i got home i got my laundry and the lady had put it into two gigantico blue plastic bags. all of my clothes were in these perfect squares in blue bags. it was almost scientific.

i didnt wanna ruin her artistry so i cleaned out my closet as i watched football and talked to my old college roommate. later karisa called and asked me why i was cleaning and i didnt really know why.

then the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences called and wanted to know if i wanted some oscar screeners to watch because for some reason they still think that the busblog is important on the blogosphere as AN INFLUENCER a word i never knew about until they told me.

i said, hey since youre so smart, why do you think im totally into cleaning my house, a trait ive never in 101 years been interested in. and they said

cuz you know that youre probably gonna get some welcomed guests very soon.

above, conan obriens new dining room in brentwood, and the dining room in graceland

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