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   Saturday, January 26, 2008  
i dont wanna diss usc after they so graciously allowed me to teach one of their classes this week, but you call this a riot?

apparently the cops showed up when too many kids spilled out onto the streets to do what youre supposed to do in college: rock. and the kids did exactly what the kids should do when the cops show up to throw a wet blanket on their party: they said we fucking dare you to break this shit up.

but then when the cops moved in on the students the kids disappeared faster than white house emails summoned by congress.

brahs, youre supposed to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT to drink Coors Light. youre supposed to go toe to toe with the LAPD. youre supposed to reprefuckingsent! let blue know that theyre in trojan town thus Fight On!

instead they were beaten down like bitches. so sad.

KABC has part of the story, but the real tale is, if white kids cant figure out how to get down on 30th street in LA, then they dont deserve to graduate to the Strand when they get their diplomas. TRY HARDER!

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