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   Monday, July 07, 2008  
bree does america

my former cohort bree is doing a beautiful job blogging from the road on the warped tour. last year they tried to get some pink haird chick to do it in some fancy car, but the truth of the matter is if you want blogging done you needs to get a blogger.

bree is a consummate blogger, she loves the power pop/punk that fills the stages of warped. shes young, fun and hot, so she fits right in, but most of all shes a super hard worker so there arent excuses like omg my battery died or omg there was no wifi. she makes it happen and because of that we have a very good idea of what life is like on the road with Warped.

so check out her great photos and vids.

all photos by bree (who is pictured in the upper right with the dude)

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