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   Monday, September 22, 2008  
raymis mind is beautiful as she celebrates today, the first day of fall

she begins:
it's true, fall is my favourite season, i have written many things in my journal about it, all gay, all true. it makes me feel sad and dreamy and sentimental, it's the shortest season which makes it SO INTENSE. it's the best time of year for fashion and no i don't mean your fashion, i mean my fashion, which consists of the same bag lady sweater i've had crinkling up on my hanger for years, stupid jeans that don't fit right, and toques, omg toques.
later she makes love to us with her ears
my fall soundtrack consists of led zeppelin and that's it, zeppelin and longboarding in oakville and my grandma's house and riding into town or walking into town at nite taking a different route every time and then meeting up with fil at a pub and staring at him like that woman who lied about being kidnapped or whatever that story was about.
and then brings it home:
i was pretty thin when i met fil which made crazy fall outfits ten times easier, when you have long hair and a big mouth you can essentially wear any old tickle trunk outfit - it's v hard to pull that off in the heat of summer but i give you props for wearing a scarf and a t-shirt when it's 28 degrees and when i say props i mean silently guffawing my head off.

fall is for lovers, sears catalogue lovers, THAT is fall.
theres more. because shes raymi theres lots of photos, including an inappropriate gift for a young girl who looks alot like our long lost ettienne.

sad to say raymster, LA has fall, but only in theory.

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