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   Friday, October 03, 2008  
rough week for your pal. first me and lindsay had to move from our office, which isnt so bad because the editorial newsroom is way sunnier and we are getting to meet some new people

but then the cubs collapsed, and then the cougar insisted on fighting with me during last nights game, and then i had to call my landlord about a serious matter and he wasnt as responsive as i would have liked.

and last night i decided i really wanted to go to vegas this weekend to escape my troubles, but then i realized i have playoff tickets tomorrow and sunday with two great friends.

but today is friday which means Ask Tony so thats nice

and also Google has chosen to put me back on the first page when you google "tony" so thats nice too.

but what would be the nicest of all is if you asked a question in the comments below. kthnxbi

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