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   Monday, October 06, 2008  
yesterday i had tickets to game four of the cubs dodgers playoffs

they were fourth row seats in the all u can eat section. but because life isnt fair no such game took place, so karisa called and said lets go to club sushi instead.

i was all, fine. who cares. i dont care any more. she said, one small thing, its in hermosa. i was all fine. she was like, wow you really dont care do you?

hermosa btw is yuppie central. which does have a few advantages, not many, but a few, namely the ladies are outta control, especially on a summer day in october.

the sushi was good, the company of course was great, and they had a gazillion flat screens but none, alas, were showing the patriots. so karisa and i drank and ate and drank and ate - for two hours! time flies with karisa though, somehow, and she looked pretty good despite having just completing Another triathlon. id be dead after such a thing. hell, i feel like dying after walking up 5 flights of stairs.

today i have such a crazy schedule. i have no idea why i set up my mondays in such a way, i have like 5 meetings and i have to do a training. im an idiot.

after sushi i drove back across LA and caught up on Terminator: the sarah conner chronicles. one of my favorite shows. i also gave Tim another chance but its terrible. i also saw True Blood which is my favorite show.

then i ignored the phone ringing about 5 times. 4 were the same person who doesnt seem to get the hint.

youd think that after it rained, the smog would clear, and certain women would also clear their heads of nuttiness. but no.

you know what i hope they invent one day - a device that will keep your bananas from turning brown.

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