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   Monday, March 23, 2009  
touch me im sick

maybe it was the 14 hour days of listening to music, drinking, writing, interviewing, eating bad food, not sleeping much, shaking hands with international super models, saying up way too late, waking up too early. standing and standing and standing.

but yesterday i was so sick i didnt even write on this, the world famo0us busblog

today im less sick, but i still called in for work, which should tell you something as i love my job.

i need to go to the store to get water. they say you should replenish your fluids but i was so lethargic yesterday i didnt even wanna go get water. i drank juice, diet coke, and more juice.

im ready to get some water. im ready then to nap for another day.

i heart you and im glad to be back in LA.

not sure if i will do the 8 days straight again in texas next year.

maybe i will see more movies next time.

at those you just sit there and relax.


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