t o d a y . i s . j e a n i n e ' s . b i r t h d a y !


things you should know about jeanine: loves to drink, loves to cook, is a great cook, can play piano almost as well as guitar, knows friggin music theory - as in tonal relationships and crazy shit, her mom died when she was three, she calls her step mom mom, her dad is a famous doctor and thus they had a heated pool when she was a kid and one day she turned on the heat and forgot to turn it off - for the whole weekend - and the water was like 99 degrees for a whole weekend! yes, she got in trouble, jeanine was an english major at ucsb, she earned money giving guitar lessons after her parents cut her off for moving in with me, jeanine likes gifts but do not give her flowers as she prefers them in the ground, even though i got her an electric guitar one christmas she prefered the pots and pans that she got better!, and once while we were naked and hallucinating we totally believed that we would give birth to the next coming and then there was a knock at the door and we thought that it was jesus himself and we were nervous to open the door and we did and the man had long hair and a beard but it was just our good friend joe wondering what we were doing laughing so loudly.

jeanine's real mom was married to a man and they had her older half-sister then jeanines mom married the doc and they had jeanine. when her dad re-married, that woman had two sons, and later she and the doc had their own son. so jeanine has one half sister, two step brothers and one half brother! born in hollywood. jeanine is very good friends with my soon-to-be-ex rene and loved by my entire family and all of my friends. and in one of the wackiest moves ever, jeanine let me crash at her pad after i broke up with rene the first time, in order to find a place to live. i crashed there for a year! the first birthday gift i ever gave jeanine was a tiny iguana that she named skippy turd. she took such good care of that thing that it grew to almost five feet long. recently she had to find it a new home and now you can see him every weekend on the venice beach boardwalk. he is the super stony looking bright green iguana center stage of the reptile thingee

but wait, theres more!