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  not everyone want to grow up to be a millionaire.
not everyone is interested in becoming vice president of blah blah blah.
id like to travel the world and write about it like one of my heroes ms brooke burke.
she didnt really write about it, but i will, however her pictures are probably way better.
if i had a cable access tv show called bloggers i would want it to be on every day for
a few years and it would be fun to on mondays or something to be no sex mondays
where if you mentioned or alluded to sex you were kicked off the show.
the reason is, how many times do you think brooke has been on a show
and she has to talk about sex or be some weird expert just cuz shes hot.
the secret to no sex mondays is the panel would be all hot babes except me.
theres this fella at work named earl that id like to put on the show
pretty straight laced character. thinks hes not. probably isnt.
itd be nice to have him on the show and get him into
all sorts of hilarious situations meant to embarass him
and in turn have a chance to really laugh at ourselves.
or i could just have pleasant conversations with people
in front of cameras about current events and ideas
politics sports world news science and the arts.
technology religion culture education love
cooking eating shopping dancing learning
photography skateboarding hanggliding
clubbing drinking aging dying trying
winning sinning thinning fibbing
ryhming sighing buying lying
and of course blogging.
id say our first guest
tonight is brooke
burke who this
month is on
the cover
of stuff