rainy day pictures

maybe they are homophobic as hell but i learned a lot from the boy scouts and the thing that has really gotten into my bones is Be Prepared. i am one prepared fuck. that's for sure. maybe it's because i dont think im all that particularilly smart and i think i may have misplaced a few brain cells so it's good to have an even playing field in matters of great importance. anyhow i can see the birds of sorrow circling above and i see my swinging bachelor pad of the future having some not so happy nights so what i found were a stash of all these pictures just strewn inside old soggy folders and note books and shoe boxes and what i am going to do, for my own sake, is im going to put some nice pictures of some of the hot chicks that the good lord hooked me up with and this way if im getting down in the dumps i can just look in here and say oh yeah all these girls cant all be nuts.

also, if this were a newspaper, of course there would be a special report which would include a sweet retrospective and interviews and such and of course aj would say some mean shit and of course everyone else would say some really nice shit but this is a web site and there are no sources other than me and i have nothing but nice things to say about everyone.

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