me and sonny went over to pedros house to talk him down. when we arrived he was smoking resin n flipping channels on his gigantic
television. it pays to be a runaway prince from outerspace. but he was having girl troubles. we said join the club. me, i didnt wanna
talk about girls at all but those two got into it immediately like they had been dying to vent. i guess it makes sense. i never talk to
them about that topic and neither of them have many other friends. whatever. i went to the fridge to see if there were any beers. all
he had were lite beers. i said pedro, you're not fat, you're not old. why are you drinking lite beers. he said, my friend, when
the ladies come over they may want a beer. i was all dude. the only ones who ever come over here are me and you. if a
girl is gonna be drinking a *beer* with you over at your house it is to get drunk and thats why theres wine and cocktails
and shit. champagne, sonny threw in there, champaign, fuckers! he had gotten a hit of resin his ownself. so do i call
her do i not call her, sonny says i shouldnt call her. i said if sonny says you shouldnt you probably should. you
know these games, these three day rules, these moments of pretending you dont want each other. i fucking
hate that shit. i like the dance of the date, but why does everyone think that it ends there. there are so many
more interesting levels of a relationship after she drops her pants than before. whats the big deal, gentlemen.
sonny said, youre the only one who wants a relationship. pedros bong bubbled and he grunted, nodded, and
pointed at sonny. i said thats because neither of you know how to sex, neither of you know how to kiss, and
neither of you know what to do with your hands. plus you're both so worried about your precious space.
if she wants to move in, i say letter move
in. if she wants to paint the fucker pink, buy her the
damn paint. shes gonna get sick of your sorry ass quickly anyhow and
then you can go back to your stuido apartment that you cherish so much and i say at least
you got a few nice hot meals out of the deal. there was silence. i had hit a sore spot. none of us had eaten well
in way too long. we hopped into the space ship and made it over to the pantry and ordered some thick steaks. the
lakers were playing so parking was a bitch but fuck that place is awesome. pedro still had a little left that he had
to get out: so i was over at her office and on fridays they order kegs sometimes and we got a little tipsy and i
was nervous that her work friends wouldnt like me but they did so that made me happy and this guy got
us stoned in the darkroom so i had a pretty nice buzz going and i was driving her home and it
just seemed too early to be going home and i never thought id ever say this but i said let's go
to your place, let's put a bunch of pillows on the middle of your bed and lets sleep. just sleep.
you idiot. i had to agree with sonny on that. dumbass, i bet she said no. of course she said
no. but i really wasnt gonna do nothin. i said

said no
+ sex + drugs + rock