some people say you shouldnt meet hot chicks that you find thru the innernet and it's a good thing that the only advice that i follow is that from online astrologers and sonny. sonny asked, why do you want to go out there? i said, first i would like to meet her, also, i got nothing better to do, also, if she likes me, i would really like to make out for a few days, and also no la girls are into me. and he said, then you should go to vegas and meet her.
and this is what i will tell you, friends. keep living, risk. if the worst thing that can happen is she turns out to be some lonely fat chick or a lonely dude with a fat dick, or even a scary guy with a gun: you only die once. but if indeed shes the real deal and prettier in person and kisses better than you did when you were nineteen, then finally you might have something better to write about than stupid fake fbi lies. for stories like these are better and more unbelievable anyway. so ... ready to rock?