ka'risa's' 80th birthday

all kidding aside, karisa is one of the best friends i have and im so lucky to know her. she makes me smile probably every day. she gives me hope and tells me that she likes my style. how much more do you need?

ive never seen her be mean to anyone, not even her next door neighbor who calls the cops on her and burns effigies outside her window and practices voodoo against her. all karisa does in return is leave brownies on her windowsill with little notes of happiness on hello kitty post-its, and pray for her during bible study.

shes a great skiier, a former ballerina, and one of the main reasons this website still exists.

i love karisa not just because she once saved me from a burning building, but because she never ever brings it up to use against me. i also love how she does the running man.

sometimes we'll be somewhere super cool, awesome people everywhere, and she'll come back from the bar with a baileys for me and she'll say, youre the best person here. when everyone knows that shes the best person there.

idol to many - married to none
and in case you're unaware she carries a gun

happy birthday karisa the besta, i hope you have a great birthday today and eighty more where those came from.

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