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   Friday, May 10, 2002  
it's my first girlfriend's birthday tomorrow so of course i'm gonna write about her, because she's still one of the best friends that i have, and shes also the coolest friend that ive had for the longest time.

when things go wrong she always thinks its her fault, but it's never her fault.

i think about heaven a lot and i know that in heaven there will be angels and angels and angels and they will need someone to hang out with and i will not be surprised if that person will be my dear friend because even angels need someone to look up to.

i think one of the reasons that i have always had good relationships with girlfriends is cuz my first one was so perfect and sweet and honest and was based in pure friendship and all the sappy things that you'd expect from two super shy midwestern catholic kids who both now live in southern california.

magically, tomorrow mary turns 26 but she doesnt look a day over 19. so today i wish her an early happy birthday and a very much deserved mother's day.

may you all have someone as cool in your life as my dear friend.

and ps, Blogger sucks i cant wait to move to moveable type

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