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   Sunday, February 22, 2004  
his father was a nazi police cheif. so why am i not surprised that he is against gay marriages?

how could you be against gay marriages in 2004?

being gay isnt illegal, so why shouldn't gays get to promise that they'll remain true to their love?

wtf america.

i thought we were brave.

i thought we were the smartest country in the world.


see where bush snuck an appeals court justice in there while congress was in recess.

fuckhead just cheats and cheats and cheats. and ive got to give it up to the factor for calling bullshit on the president over iraq. at least not everyones a tool on tv.

howard sterns no tool which is why it will be interesting to see what hes got to say when he retuns from his recess on monday.

not only did stuttering john leave the stern show to be jay lenos announcer

but the president of viacom mel karmazin wants all the 180 infinity stations that viacom owns to ixnay on the sexay radio bits, reminding them of viacoms "zero tolerance" policy, the ny post reports.

"If you don't comply, you'll be fired for cause," karmazin was reported as saying the Post. "This company won't be a poster child for indecency."

it appears that in the wake of janet jackson viacom and some of the other major broadcasters dont want to feel the wrath of fcc cheif michael powells inevitable bitchslap. some ones going to get it and noone thinks that an expensive fine for saying the "wrong" thing is worth the publicity that it would also incur.

karmazin and powell arent americans. they dont know the first thing about the first amendment. the fcc is so inconsistant as to who they fine and for what reasons that its a joke. as if saying tit or fuck on the radio is any less obscene than getting on tv and saying that iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

regardless, howard should be on fire on monday.

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