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   Monday, February 09, 2004  
ive said it before, i'll say it again. fuck the grammys. fuck them for giving my girl who can not only sing but be a fucking rock star one grammy and fuck them for giving their fairy little bitch justin two grammys for riding on the backs of black folks. vegas acts do not get grammys.

bob dylan tom waits david bowie get grammys

oh wait, no they dont, not when theyre in competition with that musical genius dave matthews.

before the lights went up and the cameras rolled and ellen babbled her nonsense about r&b and rap being the same thing (very telling, grammys) tom waits and bob dylan and david bowie and lenny kravitz lost to dave matthews for Male Rock Vocal Performance.

president bush is in office, i work for pennies a day, and dave matthews wins a grammy for Rock over dylan tom waits david bowie and lenny kravitz.

why should people even try if thats what youre going to do.

and justin wins two motherfuckers?

and tom waits wins nothing?

on any other day i would also complain that Evanescence won best New artist but since that is the kiss of death im glad they won. even though 50 cent is the ring tone on every cell phone for everyone i know. not that that makes you deserving of a grammy, but whatevah.

what the grammys dont get is that they still have a shred of cred. their dumbass award actually means something. but when they give motherfucking Coldplay the record of the year over Beyonce, who had the best song of the year, over Black Eyed Peas who had the most politically correct groovy tune in years, over Eminem who had the strongest song of Last year, and over Outkast who had the catchiest song of the year, they out themselves as being the stuffy assed old unhip out of touch jerkoffs who deserve their "industry" being attacked at all angles for knighting the dentist office music instead of embracing the soul.

4 soulful tunes and you award the whitey who married gwennie.

god, save the queen.

speaking of queens, good to see Richard Marx getting rewarded again. song of the year, huh.

fuck the grammys.

were they deciding which dead or dying guy they were going to award? did they figure we'd give some to the dead and some to the dying?

how about awarding the best songs? is that so tough? linda perry wrote the best song. christina aguelera sang it. give it to the ladies and quit being fucking bitches. is that so difficult?

this is why punk rock will live forever. this is why rock was born. this is why every kid in america and canada and all the other places would have taken their gibson and smashed it all over that steinway like dave grohl should have done after they were forced to dumb down their pop hit with arturio sandoval.

fuck the grammys but you must admit my girl xtina looked hot with her little boobies perking out all over.

i love you baby.

and the white stripes showed all those fakers what rock sounds like.

thank you jack white.

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