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   Tuesday, March 23, 2004  
today is lianas 22nd birthday. after the first three, i promised that i'd never date a virgin again, but look what ive gone ahead and done.

i dont know if youd really call it dating, but whatever it is is nice and she has taught me so many things like tolerance patience friendship honesty and respect. ive learned that not every relationship has to be centered around trust. ive learned that some girls like being looked at and oggled. and some girls will give a guy a chance no matter what their astrologer says.

i met liana at the baja fresh in westwood. she had much redder hair back in those days. her friend told me i didnt have a chance and i could see i didnt have a chance but we kept eating together, all of us, each monday. and each monday i thought, she isnt so bad. and one day the kids were going to refill their sodas and i said you know we really should go out and she said i dont think so and i said you know you want to and i lifted my shirt just above my belt buckle and i didnt know she was a virgin or i wouldnta done that one but i did and she liked it and weve been to so many movies and conventions and art galleries and you wouldnt think that no sex would mean so much culture but it really does.

youd think that it would be me that has to be patient with her but it's just the other way around. some of the ladies know what a handful i can be but poor liana shes from a place where you really dont meet too many people like me, but shes hung in there like a trooper and she will be rewarded in some way.

and whoever gets to climb that mountain is one lucky spellunker, let me tell you.

happy birthday liana, thanks for hanging out with me today and inspiring me to put lick together for your special day.

good luck on your finals!


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