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   Saturday, April 03, 2004  
all my friends are taking me out so as to celebrate my nuptuals. last night i went out with welch, basart, and karisa. we went to the dodgers/angels game. everyone drank except karisa cuz she was driving. she actually had one bud light. know how much one plastic bottle of budweiser light goes for at dodger stadium, seven fifty.

apparently i owed basart fifty bucks. actually he refreshed my memory that last year he gave me fifty bucks for the send my ass to the world series fund and i refunded everyone who paid in paypal instantly but ken paid cash so i never got it back to him.

so he said no problem pay me back in beers at the dodger game and i was all cool, that should send me back about a six pack and a hot dog.

we looked for an atm.

there was one on the whole level.

note to self, offer to pay the dodgers 20% of all atm transactions for the 5 atms that they will allow me to have on the the blue level, and 25% of all atm transactions that they will allow me to have on the other levels.

one atm per level is as retarded as the dodger lineup that will take the field this year.

afterwards we all drank in welches backyard and listened to old tapes of him singing princes purple rain.

and when i got home i realized that somehow i suddenly owed basart $80.

good times.

i got home at 4am and my wife didnt complain at all.

on monday you can meet us all, matt, ken, karisa, and moxie, at the tsar show at the el rey.

bring your friends and we can have a friend-off to see who has the coolest chums.

welch + basart + mc brown lives a better life than you do

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