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   Saturday, April 24, 2004  
it was that time of the month and we were drunk from margueritas from this trendy los feliz mexican place that had the replacements and tom waits on the jukebox because los feliz is one of the few places to realize that gen*x now has some disposable income so you can get away with charging nine bucks for three shrimp tacos which means one medium sized shrimp per taco with a sprinkle of cabbage and salsa on each (tres la) on little doilies of corn torillas key word little, oughtta be called l'il and now you know how we stay so fit and trim, so the question was anal or oral sex. i said bend that sweet ass over cuz its friday night and the santa anas didnt fly all the way to hollywood for nothing ho.

and she giggled cuz she wanted it and she came last time but her gay friends warned her that she cant really think that you can just have anal any ole time, specially with a black man, and she said are you sure youre not going to stretch my ass out? hair over her eyes eyes half closed us half clothed boom box half up with air talkie walkies trying to lend some mood. i said im going to fuck you. promises are for pussy assed whiteboys. my only promise is you will love it. my only promise is the neighbors will know that im home. my promise is you'll have some new stories to tell your pretty boys. now flip bitch before you make me get a switch and i pointed to the frail little bullshit tree maybe one years old with long green spindley branches that have been known to sting when in the hands of the wrong man.

you could see her thinking. she loved being spanked. she loved everything i did. at that point she wanted the full course but she was also sleepy and ready and drifting and spinning. she rolled over halfway on her side as a compromise and i pushed her all the way over and kicked up the jams.

now i know a lot of kids read the busblog and they should. but you shouldnt believe everything you read. especially on the internet. and especially when right on the top of the page it says that this is all bullshit. but if you want to believe anything believe that i put on a condom, cuz that part is always true. if i find out you little fuckers arent using condoms every time im not going to give you any more tips cuz thats the biggest one. protect yourself even when youre with fakebaked perkytitted lakergirls on the rag who smell like dove and american spirits.

i squeezed out a little gop of ky. my ky was getting old. what does that say about me. it didnt come out right. it sorta came out but in a hard little thing. i rubbed it over the rubber but most of it just fell on her ass below me. she didnt notice. i got another squeeze, this time a bigger one. rubbed it on my hand, then rubbed my hand on condom then slid it in.

wrong one she giggled. i aimed higher. went right in. she was all i ate rice and beans. i was all wham who cares. she was like well now i feel like i have to go to the little girls room. i was all umff you are in the little girls room.

we stopped she went to the bathroom. i put down a towel got a new condom and we did it the old fashioned way. and it wasnt so bad. never is.

and in the morning she woke me up early and when we were done she went back to sleep till noon.

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