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   Tuesday, April 13, 2004  
q. hey tony, if you're such a tough guy preacher why dont you start up your own left wing pot smoking pre marital sex actually read the bible church?

a. at a thousand hits a day, i reach more people on this blog and i dont have to tolerate any crying babies when im trying to rock the mic.

lost my wallet today.

it was a hectic day at work. i didnt really have much time to write. i couldnt talk to the hippy girl as much as i woulda liked. i wasnt 100 per cent being that it was a monday and it was the cubs opener and i still couldnt believe that tiff and tboz suprised me on saturday with tales of eighteen and over clubs and fake ids and pearl necklaces.

got a lift over to the cuban girl's headquarters on hollywood blvd and outside the kfc i discovered that i had lost my regular wallet which consealed my xbi wallet. one thing you dont lose is that.

plus jeanine had given me a money order for $500 that i hadnt cashed yet and the first question is what on earth is jeanine doing writing money orders for that big, but what am i doing not cashing them immediately.

the cuban paid for the breast and wing combo and we went to my house to root around my backpack a little more.

she took a nap and i woke her up her favorite way while listening to kayne west. yes, virginia, kayne is the man. thank you for turning me on to him, i listen every day and i love it.

then we went at it again.

i dont know if its cuz its still aries, the month of war, but shit that id usually blow off is hitting me in the wrong part of my sore spot and i ...

fuckers saying that i comment on blogs just for the hits? fuck you.

fuckers saying fuck the busblog, that other blogs are more creative.

wheres their stories and poems and fullpage webshit and photo essays and side blogs and side zines and side novels and ebay scams and interviews with escalators

i see people talk shit about me and have the nerve to do it in my style even

and it makes me happy cuz when they do it theyre saying that im the man

and i'll take it.

cuz not everyone has what it takes to say what stinson and others have said which is i might disagree with you sometimes (or most the time) but i like your style

but they should.

and one day one of you fuckers might point to someone who brings it day after day after day after day and thats when you can tell me to fuck off and take a seat

meanwhile quit pointing to will wheaton

and then i found my wallet next to the recycling box beside chopper one.

now ive gotta find my phone.

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