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   Saturday, April 24, 2004  
we did it again cuz we hadnt seen each other in a while. and now shes sleeping again. all cute on the couch. i was just about to say that the day has been a great little lazy day primarilly because her phone hasnt rung, but cue the phone. its another one of her gay friends. remind me to take the battery out of her phone the next time she falls asleep.

why is it that they have to call you three four times a day i ask her after she announces happily "im awake!" why cant they just run around and be gay? she slaps me in the head and goes back to reading her book.

i shouldnt complain. my phone was ringing off the damn hook early this morn. it was the old lady. she was having a lightbulb problem. it was 7:30am. i wasnt about to help her with the lightbulb i didnt care that she was 91. i love her and all but its 7:30. at 8:30 she called again to let me know that all was well.

then my mom called at 10am. the girl slept through all of this.

earlier i was watching little freddy adu. or trying to at least, the coach wouldnt let him play. hes 14. hes making more money than everyone on the team. it was freddy adu bobblehead day at the stadium. i dont know, that might inspire me to play him more than 18 minutes. jagoff.

now im watching a tivoed recording of last nights replay of the laker + rockets game. i hate that they edit the games that they show at midnight. why cant they just show us the whole damn game? so it ends at 2:45am instead of 2am, big whoop.

why do i have to rule the world? why do i have to fix all the wrongs that go down every day? escuse me, its 4:20pm.

she reminds me that we've been dating for a year now. she reminds me that shes still mad at me for marrying moxie. shes still on my couch. shes still reading. my tivo isnt very reliable.

if you try to go to the now playing sometimes it freezes up and restarts cuz it wasnt built to have 230 hours in it. she wants to go outside now. she wants to eat somewhere where we can sit outside. girls love sitting outside and eating.

she hates it when i catagorize her with every single person of her sex.

so i tell her that all girls love appetizers and desserts.

she says she knows she doesnt look cute but wants to sit outside before the sun goes down.

shes been pretty great so i say ok.

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