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   Friday, October 15, 2004  
my hands are killing me and im on my way to the doctor for some physical therapy, so i will make this short.

last night karisa and i did laundry. over the years she has become increasingly less interested in taking pictures.

god only knows why.

i see her so infrequently though that i find it necessary to sneak a few pics out of her so i hope she understands.

we're both getting old. i was rubbing my hands and arms, she was rubbing her neck due to a pinched nerve. there was a time when we were indestructable rock gods, but now we're just simply old.

but we will rock for you one day, america.

trust me.

as we did our laundry we talked about many things as we watched most extreme elimination on the spike channel.

we debated the debates and she suprised me on the controversy surrounding her boy kerry who got some heat yesterday for bringing up the fact that dick cheneys daughter is a lesbian.

karisa thought it was in bad taste, and thought that edwards shouldnt have mentioned it in his debate either.

she believes that peoples family should be off-limits as far as debates go

even if their parents are hypocrites and try to pass constitutional ammendments that would limit their gay and lesbian children's rights.

i took the stance that everything is fair game, especially when the child in question is an adult, out, and working for her father's re-election campaign.

i believe that ms. cheney is probably happy that her rights are being debated, and since she is out, and unashamed about her sexuality, is worth whatever privacy she has lost personally to ensure that millions of americans will be treated as equally as the rest of the nation.

karisa wasnt buying it.

i wanted to show her what someone on the GayPatriot's comments section typed regarding the controversy:
I think the reason why Kerry brought up Cheney's daughter is because the President had just sat there and said he did not know if [being gay] is a choice or not, he evidently has no thought on whether people choose to be gay or not...yet his right arm has a daughter, who has been very supportive and active in their campaign. So if he cared about the issue or about whether someone who is gay has a choice to be otherwise, why not ask a person who has been very active in your campaign?

I think Kerry was showing that the President was skirting the issue and has no excuse to skirt the issue. Mary Cheney is an openly gay woman who works for the campaign. She is fair play in my book. Besides the fact that Kerry made not ONE negative reference to her.
For the Republicans to construe it as distasteful merely shows their true feelings about the fact she's a lesbian in the first place. As if by mentioning she is a lesbian has a negative impact. If it does, well then that shows the ignorance of the American people who evidently do think gays have a choice to be other than what they are.

As Lynne said, if it's a cheap shot to praise her daughter for being honest about who she is, then that evidently shows what they think about who their daughter is.

Could he have avoided mentioning her? Sure, but the fact is the Bush Administration has been proactive about making gays an issue in this campaign and so if they are going to wage that war, their side is fair game as well.

I wish Kerry had gone where he should have gone and asked the President point blank why he would deny the Vice President's daughter the right to receive benefits of marriage. Bush's only argument was gays are deserving of respect. He made NO MENTION of whether they deserve any RIGHTS or BENEFITS in their decision to enter into a commitment with one another.

Yes, we all know on the issue of marriage, Kerry has the same view that it is between a man and a woman. The difference is that he at least speaks about the fact that they should NOT be denied the basic rights that every straight couple receives automatically when married. I'm sorry but on that point, Kerry spoke far more admirably on the issue.

Bush was the condescending one, saying we deserve respect no matter what relationships we enter if there is something inherently wrong with those relationships to begin with. He completely avoided the question by saying he did not know if it was a choice.
if i was Kerry i would have answered the question thusly:

Q. Do you think homosexuality is a choice?
A. Ask the governor of New Jersey if he would have chosen to be a gay american while in office, I bet he would say no. Ask the vice president's daughter if she could have picked a more convienent time to be a lesbian. As a straight man I can only speculate, but I would assume that if it was a choice when people could be gay they would only be gay on vacation or in a friendly country like canada.

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