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   Monday, November 08, 2004  
live aid, the dvd

i remember live aid perfectly. i woke up early, i had my vcr going for the audio/video. i had my radio shack cassette deck next to the radio taping my boom box needs, i was set.

some of my favorite bands played: u2, the stones, zeppelin, queen, bowie, elvis costello, the boomtown rats.

it was the 80s though and im very nervous how all of pinks and teals and bright blues will look on dvd which was released today in the UK and next week here across the pond.

four discs they promise us. 10 hours of the best from the pop world of 20 years ago.

it could suck, but remember one thing: it was all for charity and we might not have fed the world, but we fed some of it for a little while, proving that pop stars might not be that influencial in politics, but their hearts are usually in the right place.

even so, it didnt do so badly. of the 1.4 billion viewers, the bob geldof production managed to raise $140 million to help fight the famine in ethiopia.

20 years ago, kids, $140 million meant something.

one would think that the release of the $40 dvd could reap closer to $200 mil, if not more.

i fondly recall an impassioned performance by U2 and an amazing Queen set.

the zep reunion was drunken and bloated and forgetable

as was the fact that phil collins played in the UK and was flown to the US to also play.

however the duet of mick jagger and tina turner was pure 80s, as was madonnas outfit.

if it wasnt for charity i might pass to sheild my mind from such (at times) painful memories, but there might be something to learn from all of this.

1. george michael in small doses is fine, in large doses, ridiculous
2. phil collins has always sucked
3. we're not the world

Update: the Led Zep footage will not be on the Live Aid dvd

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